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UPDWELL was founded in March of 2012 by Guy M. Haskell of Haskell Homes Inc. Guy’s vision for UPDWELL is to create a new brand that would serve the upper tier of home buyers of Utah. Guy has been in business for 20 years with Haskell Homes and has built over 700 homes along the Wasatch Front and in Washington County (St. George).


Our Mission Statement is to give our customers more than a quality home. We want them to have a better quality of life. We will do this by selecting targeted groups of people with common needs and providing them with the best housing possible. Whether this is a second home or an expensive custom residence, our aim is to develop and build neighborhoods and homes that provide our customers with the ultimate blend of community and style. We want our customers to share in the excitement by making the process of building their home as enjoyable as living in it.


Some of our experience and projects we’ve had in the past through Haskell Homes include:


  • Bountiful Bench, Bountiful, Utah – 32 lots around Bountiful Temple
  • Pheasant Meadows, Roy, Utah – 40 lots developed and built
  • Kingsway Subdivision, Kaysville, Utah – 30 lots developed and built
  • Shady Brook Hollow Subdivision, Kaysville Utah – 27 lots developed and built
  • Nicoles Orchard, North Salt Lake, Utah – 11 lots developed and built
  • Caralyn Park Estates, Clearfield, Utah – 73 lots developed and built
  • Cedar Springs,Rock Springs, Wyoming – 167 lots
  • Tuscan Hills, St. George, Utah – 70 lots to date (400 lots in the Master Plan)

Why UpDwell ?


up•dwell (uhp-dwel) verb


To dwell up; to reside at a higher level of comfort, health, enjoyment and peace of mind.
To move up; to go from an average or typical home to an advance or elite home.
Upgrading to your optimal home.


“We need a larger home with 6 bedrooms and 3½ bathrooms for our growing family.”

“With the kids out of the house, we need something smaller, with everything at one level, low maintenance and low utility costs, for our fixed retirement income.”

“We love our neighborhood and don’t want to move. For us, it makes sense to remodel so we can stay in this neighborhood.”

“I’m looking for an investment. I want something I can have to call my own;
a place where I have a garage for my car.”



UPDWELL is a group of inter-related companies managed by one team of experts to eliminate duplicated overhead and management costs.


The overhead to run a business is expensive. Salaries for the management team are usually the largest expense. Other expenses include an office lease, desks & furniture, phone system, utilities, computers, software, copiers & faxes, insurances, accounting, a showroom, advertising, etc.


By dividing this expense over four separate businesses, UPDWELL can put 75% of these non-value-added expenses into home options and enhancements and discounts for using multiple services.